Get your official immigration certificate translated quickly and securely

Get your official immigration certificate translated quickly and securely

Do you need an official agency to translate your Immigration documents? At

I A T A C we can translate your birth certificate for a very competitive price depending on the level of certification required. Immigration requirements differ from country to country as do the certification levels for translations. You will receive an official document validating that the translation was provided by a professional translation agency. We offer 100% money back guarantee, if our translation is not accepted we will give you your money back. 

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We do translations for Immigration Purposes.

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We do Translations for Law Firms and Lawyers.

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We offer a secure and confidential translation process. For larger projects all translations can take place inside our Intelligent Translation Platform, and all through a secure 256-bit encrypted network. We support over 80 languages and cover a wide range of documentation with specialist linguists. 

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We provide a great value, accurate financial document translation service tailored to banking and financial institutions. Our financial clients are assigned a project manager to ensure a smooth transition between all phases of the translation process. We provide you with translators with either legal, marketing or financial backgrounds depending on the type of translation required.

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We translate Financial Documents

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You can have the confidence you need to publish your campaign because we are experts in translating marketing and advertising content and can work with almost any file type. With a massive pool of translators we hand pick the perfect person to bring your product or service to life across the globe. We even offer desktop publishing support, font advice for the difficulties around Cyrillic scripts, localization and many other features.


A Diploma is a certificate given when one completes a course of study. It comes from the Greek word, which means “folded paper”. In Canada, the word is used to refer to the whole range of academic qualifications conferred by educational institutions and is not limited to “Diploma programmes” as pertains in certain countries. Diplomas provide evidence of claimed academic qualifications but they also provide a historical timeline that goes to support a person’s claimed identity. If you are applying for immigration to Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) (or even if you are applying for immigration through sponsorship and you need to add your diplomas as evidence to support your claimed identity) and your educational qualifications do not come from Canada, you will need to have these qualifications assessed. This is known as the Educational Credential Assessment. If your educational documents are not in English or French, you will need to have certified translation of Diplomas or Diploma before they can be assessed. See the CIC website for further information on ECA.

Furthermore, if you are already in Canada and are applying for jobs with foreign qualifications, you may need to have your certified translation of Diplomas for employers if they are not in English (or French depending on the institution). For those with medical qualifications, the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) gives the option of using its own translation services or the services of other acceptable translators for Certified Translation of Diplomas.

If you are studying in Alberta: Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge and other cities with Universities or Colleges, the International Qualifications Assessment Service or IQAS assessments may be necessary. Our translations are recognized and accepted by IQAS.

Certified Translation Diploma

We Translate Educational Documents.